Common yet Powerful Proofreading Tools for Writers 1

If you consider proofreading a time consuming and an outdated task, you are wrong. In fact, it is one of an essential activities that need to be carried out to make a piece of content flawless. If there is a shortage of time,  you can use powerful online tools to make your content clear, consistent, well-formatted and of course, correct.

Here are a few proofreading tools:

Grammar Check

Use Grammar Check to make your content grammatically correct.  It helps you to examine every piece of text to locate errors. It is flexible, advanced and easy to use.

Spellcheck Plus

It is a modern tool for writers whose native language is not English. It helps them to choose best words for a given context. It is free for up to 2000 characters. For extensive work, you can upgrade it.

After the Deadline

If you want to improve both spelling and grammar, you should go for “After the Deadline”. It is designed to provide a holistic overview of your writing. It also helps you to improve content’s structure, flow as well as syntax.

Proofread Bot

Believe it or not, it is a simple, flexible online tool that provides quick and in-depth results. It is a great tool to check spelling and grammar.


This tool helps you to check your document for plagiarism. It is a great tool to check your work before it gets published. Marketers use it to make their content original to gain high rankings on search engines.


It is a sophisticated online tool that helps you to improve your writing habits. It not only picks up spelling and grammatical errors but also suggests alternative vocabulary, style and structure options. You can use it to identify repetitiveness, vague words, etc.

Tips to improve your writing habits:

  • Never use abstract words.
  • Write short and precise paragraphs.
  • Always proofread your content before publishing it.
  • Focus on run-on sentences, comma splices, modifiers, etc.
  • Use bullets instead of writing dense paragraphs.
  • Always choose a trendy topic.
  • Provide sufficient examples and illustrations.
  • Follow grammar rules.
  • Use idioms and phrases.
  • Always use high-quality plagiarism tools.

So, use the above-mentioned proofreading tools to improve your writing

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